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Steve Cohen Christ Is The Passover Presentation

Here is a recording of Steve Cohen doing a Christ is The Passover (Passover demonstration presentation from a believer’s perspective). It is a VERY LARGE file and will take some time to download. I suggest you pause the player when the download starts and wait for the download to complete to view the file.

Steve Cohen: Hanukkah Message 2013

Recording of Steve’s presentation at Campus Lutheran, Columbia Mo on 24 November 2013

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  1. Rev. Richard J. Finck says:

    What presentations or topics do your speakers present? For example, “Jews for Jesus” does a presentation called “The Gospel in the Feasts of Israel.” Do you have a list of presentations or topics that we might see. We would prefer to invite an AOHE speaker as we are an LCMS congregation.
    Thank you and God’s blessings in this Resurrection season!

    • jerry lucas says:

      Rev. Rich,

      The best answer is to ask you what you are interested in as a presentation and what the timeframe would be. This is my fifth year working in Jewish specific outreach , but I have been involved in general outreach for over 30 years. I have presented on the Feasts of Israel in a multiweek bible class that could be easily modified into a “Gospel in the Feasts” presentation. I’ve also presented other classes including The Jewish Roots of Worship (focusing on the similarities between Jewish and Lutheran Liturgical worship), Roman Road Chapters 9-11 (Justification in the Old and New Testaments), and an Introduction to Apple of His Eye focusing on why do Jewish outreach and the difference between the Covenants of Israel as a People and the need that we all have for a Redeemer for our personal sins. Of course Christ in the Passover is our bead and butter presentation. I have given that as a demonstration in the sanctuary and in an expanded form as part of a full Christian Passover Seder.

      Steve Cohen, our founder, has been doing this kind of thing since the 1970s and has a longer list of pre-prepared presentations. He is very good. I’ve attached the one that was sent to me. It is dated 2011 so he may have more than appear on the list today. If you choose to bring him in he would be traveling from St. Louis. I would be traveling from Alexandria. Any donations that go to Steve will support his general nation-wide and international mission and none of it will go to my work in the Southeastern District (Which currently focuses on Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland to Baltimore, but also extends in my mind to the District as a whole). I am sure he would be willing to modify his presentations to meet your needs too.

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